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How To Increase Store Turnover


The store manager of the convenience store, as the person in charge of the entire storefront, is responsible for the turnover and employee management of the storefront. The store manager is working well. In addition to ensuring the increase in turnover, the store’s overall image and corporate (brand) image are also required. Be responsible for. Only in this way, this is a qualified store manager. Generally speaking, the store manager of a convenience store is responsible for the following tasks:
1. Expenditure management; 2. Convenience store shelf goods management; 3. Store management; 4. Safety and security and administrative management; 5. Staff management and training; 6. Other work and reporting.
For the increase in store turnover, convenience store store managers need to pay attention to each of the above days, but the focus should be on convenience store shelf product management and store management.
1. Management of convenience store shelves
a. Ensure that there is sufficient inventory for the promotion of the goods; (promotional goods and shelf end frames and inventory management of promotional items in the checkout area)
b. Ensure that there is sufficient quantity of goods on the shelves. If the supply is insufficient, notify the sub-division manager; (Management of inventory turnover rate)
c. Record the deviation of the incoming goods (street goods and warehouse goods) and notify the division manager; (inventory management)
d. The shop transfer procedure can only be carried out with the approval of the division manager;
e. Check the goods in the valid period to ensure the quality of the goods. (Management of shelf life)
2, convenience store store management
a. Display the goods on the designated shelves and insert the appropriate price cards according to the company's regulations;
b. Check the special merchandise display plan and correctly display it in the proper position, monitor the conversion process and convert the special price;
c. Carefully handle out-of-stocks, returns, new goods, and cancellation of goods on the shelves;
d. Post the special price card at the designated location according to the company's instructions;
e. Clean according to the cleaning table to ensure the cleanliness of the surrounding environment and cleaning supplies, and the cardboard boxes are unpacked and removed in time;
f. Ensure that the store machine is functioning properly.

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