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The origin and development of table tennis


Table tennis is a popular ball sport in the world, including offense, confrontation and defense. The competition is divided into groups, singles, doubles and so on. Before September 1, 2001, 21 points were divided into one game. Now, 11 points are divided into one game. Five games and three wins are used. Seven tables and four wins are table tennis balls, weighing 2.53-2.70 grams, white or orange, using celluloid or Made of plastic.

Table tennis originated in the United Kingdom. The "table tennis" originated in 1900. It was named after the sound of "Ping Pong" when it hit. In mainland China, "table tennis" is its official name, Hong Kong and Macau. Also in 1926, the International Table Tennis Invitational Tournament was held in London, England. After being chased as the first World Table Tennis Championships.

Competition area

It includes a standard size (8 meters wide, 16 meters long, ceiling height not less than 4 meters) that can accommodate 4 or 8 tables (depending on the competition method). The competition area should also include the game table. The area required for passages, electronic displays, athletes, coach seats, competition officials (technical representatives, referees, arbitration, etc.), photojournalist areas, TV camera areas, and award areas.


In order to ensure that the TV broadcast image is clear, the Olympic Games requires an illumination of 1500 to 2500 lux, and the illumination of all the tables is the same. If a temporary light source needs to be added for reasons such as television broadcasting, the angle of the light source from above the ceiling should be greater than 75 degrees. The illumination in other parts of the competition area shall not be less than 1/2 of the illumination of the competition table, and the light source shall not be less than 5 meters from the ground. The surrounding area should generally be dark in color. The illumination on the auditorium should be significantly lower than the illumination of the competition area. Avoid the natural light of dazzling light sources and unobstructed windows.


The floor shall be wooden or a movable plastic flooring of the brand and type approved by the ITTF. The floor is flexible and has no markings or logos for other sports. The color of the floor should not be too light or strong, it can be red or deep red; do not use oil or wax excessively to avoid slipping.


The air flow rate in the competition area of the hall is controlled within 0.2 to 0.3 m/s, the temperature is about 20 to 25 ° C, or lower than the outdoor temperature of 5 ° C.

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